CBRM provides ideal interlocking portable floors for sale and rentals

Large surface areas of perfect lush lawn can be damaged over a few hours especially when there are crowds of people walking over them. There are special considerations to keep in mind prior to an event taking place. How big is the area that is required for the event, how big is the pitch or the stadium, what is the floor size? What will be the purpose of the area that will be required? Is it for a dance floor, how much of the area will be covered and for how long? Is there a need for ground mats for heavy equipment such as Pro Road or Pro Base? What is the load factor required?


We at CBRM offer the best portable floors for sale and rentals. Generally, ground mats are used for pulling up stages, by using cranes in excess of 100 or 200 tons depending on the size of the structure required and, the crucial factor would be the correct use of ground mats for heavy equipment.

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If the turf is super sensitive, we would recommend our Pro Pitch turf protection stadium flooring matting.  The surface is perforated allowing sunlight in and will ensure that the stadium flooring do not discolor.


The advance of our Pro Road composite matting and Pro pitch heavy duty pitch protection allows for additional load-bearing capability inserts, the only patented technology globally with this feature.



Our Pro Pitch temporary road mats features a rapidly deployable system, that can just be rolled out over the stadium flooring allowing a load of 150tons/m2.  For example, is areas with excessive rain prior to matches at stadiums, a pitch protection mat would block the water from penetrating the turf.

interlocking portable floors for sale



There are various systems around the world that are used as trackway systems, rig mats, composite mats, most as of excellent quality but is not rapid deployable, made with non-breathable components for features such as solid mats with steel interlocking parts, and that does not allow for air to go through the turf blocking the sun and allowing the turf to breath


We have witness’s timber mats being used with catastrophic consequences. Timber mats must be avoided, even though they cost a fraction of lawn protection mats, the damages to the turf is unreal.





The lighter version Pro Pitch, the pedestrian version of our durable pitch protection for sports fields, non-drivable system, is a lighter duty composite mat. Some of the other white portable floors for sale names the industry calls these products are, event deck flooring, turf protector mats, max systems, lawn protection mats, turf protection mats , access mats, concert mats, temporary flooring for events, express deck, convert flooring, event flooring for sale, outdoor dance floor ideas, Portable staging systems, signature mats, temporary event floors, American turf and carpets.


The CBRM products are developed for use in Africa, we experience more challenges than the rest of the world.  Some stadiums give us measurements prior to the event which are completely different from the measurements we do during our site inspections.


We take an extra 10% of flooring as in most instances the language barrier makes it more difficult to communicate.  We have now implemented a system to measure a stadium floor for entire floor pitch protection, to measure from the center of the width and depth of the field, this has made stadium flooring operations much easier. So, when considering buying a pitch for African condition we recommend that we have a much as possible information on hand to prevent any shortfalls,


Stadium flooring / turf protection floor mats


The expansion joints and recessed cabling consists of 32mm, roughly an inch of a ducting cavity that runs under the flooring system. All of our flooring and mats for light and heavy-duty equipment can now be seamlessly joined together with expansion joints, preventing trip hazards.


Most technical cabling can run under the flooring system, light, and heavy-duty system. Even once the flooring is laid completely the flooring can be lifted to allow for cabling to run underneath.


The Pro Pitch, Pro Pitch AF light duty even our Pro Road and Pro Base systems allow for this feature, none of our competitors can off this feature, world-wide.


Drivable ramps around the perimeter of the flooring


The drive-on ramp feature is available for vehicles and pedestrian at predetermined points and is available at a surcharge, with the option of an expansion joint where required.


Pitch protection flooring applications


Pitch protection flooring is typically used for the following applications

  • Pitch protection
  • Stadium flooring
  • Turf protection mats
  • Roadway matting
  • Temporary flooring for events
  • Tent and event flooring over turf, and grass areas
  • Audiences and pedestrians for large events
  • Non-slip walkways and sidewalks
  • Parks, lawns & football pitch covers
  • Exhibition flooring
  • Parking areas


Superior design solutions


Our pitch protection stadium flooring is extremely versatile because of its interlocking, expandable and modular technology which allows for customized designs and layouts. Stadium flooring and pitch protection mats for sports fields and other large turf and grass surface areas can be installed quickly because once portable modules are interlocked, the connected sections can easily be either clipped or rolled out for installation purposes depending on the client’s requirements.


For storage purposes, all our flooring is stored in blocks and flat packed to save space. All our stadium flooring and pitch protection flooring is available on trolleys at a grass protection portable floors for sale surcharge to allow to move the flooring easy around the venue once offload by forklift, all the light-duty Pro Pitch flooring is generally stored on wooden pallets for rentals and the heavy-duty panels pro pitch on steel pallets with wheels that holds 50 full panels, that is 100m , these can be double stacked in your warehouse to save space and is ready to be loaded  for transportation and ready for installation. This saves companies time and money.The unique design of our temporary grass protection matting allows for grass to continue to grow while under the pitch protection cover. The nature of construction of each module ensures the moisture, water, sun rays, and air penetrate and circulate under the protected matting. Grass can be covered for a period of between 10 and 60 days depending on the type of Pro AF grass protection temporary flooring modules being used.

Types of lawn protection matting solutions


Pro AF Grass Protection is ideal for pitch protection flooring; not only due to its outstanding attributes to protect grassed areas from being extensively damaged but also because our lawn protecting matting solution ensures the grass is nourished and continues to grow while covered during any event. Which type of pitch protection flooring you choose depends on the amount of time it’s needed.


There are two types available:


  • Perforated Pro AF grass protection

Perforated Pro AF Grass Protection is generally used to cover surfaces for a shorter time period; up to 10 to 14 days before the grass begins to discolor or burn.


  • Closed Pro AF grass protection

Closed Pro AF grass protection is generally used to cover surfaces for a longer period; up to 60 days before the grass begins to discolor or burn.


Our durable pitch protection solutions


Durability is a key component when reviewing the quality of our Pro AF pitch protection flooring. We offer top turf protection light and heavy-duty flooring for customers. These options include;


  • Pro Pitch – heavy duty pitch protection
  • Pro AF – Light duty pitch protection
  • Pro Road – ground mats for heavy equipment, these are generally used on paved areas off the field or pitch


By using the Pro Road composite mats, the load is spread out and prevents forklift & crane struck sinking into the paving onto their bellies, as the weight of the forklift & crane trucks the load it’s carrying
is too heavy for the load factor the paving provides which also assist in smoother operations, not wasting time to get other vehicles in to retry and retrieve the stuck vehicle


Our quality portable floors for sale can bear extraordinary stationary loads from 150 – 580 tonnes, including the weight of trucks, forklifts and heavy-duty vehicles. Contact us today for more information on these products.


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