Pro Road Portable Roadway Mats – Composite Mat Trackway Access

A patented composite mat that has an unique zip-lock interlocking connection system and allows a heavy duty working platform for temporary job sites and also access roads.


Composite Base Rig Mats offers the best portable roadway mats options in composite matting. These solutions provide ground protection for any project, in any industry. Unlike hardwood mats, composite mats are reusable job after jobs and significantly lighter in weight, with flat pack options, reducing freight costs.

Innovative Engineering Design for Superior Durability and Performance


Composite Base Rig Mats construction mats are manufactured in South Africa using a proprietary blend of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and special impact modifiers for tremendous strength to accommodate thermal expansion, anti-static properties & UV resistance. A specialized process ensures all plastic is completely melted, preventing micro-fissures then moulded and to prevent any inconsistencies. A hollow ribbed footing, with space for various load bearing rubber inserts, provides superior performance over soft ground conditions with a low (CBR) California Bearing Ratio.


The world’s strongest composite construction mats, which are fully modular and can be interconnected in multiple directions to form large work areas, passing lanes, turns, and a variety of other platform and roadway configurations. These rugged composite base rig mats will not rot, warp, or degrade, which allows for long-term contract installations and multiple years of reuse.

Save time and money with Composite Base Rig Mats high-quality mats.

  • Composite mats last up to 10 years
  • Faster installation times compared to wood mats
  • 1 inch flange guides the CBRM mats into place
  • Quick zip-lock connections
  • Protect your equipment and minimize wear and tear
  • Save time and money on shipping with more mats per vehicle load than wooden mats

Composite Base Rig Mats – Work Where You Work


Our products are designed to be used with no ground preparation over various ground conditions such as soil, grass, concrete, gravel, mud, asphalt, and sandy or beach sand soil conditions. It is recommended that surface be filled, levelled and smoothed as much as possible and to use a geotextile membrane in wet and/or hazardous situations.


Protect the Environment, low carbon footprint and Prevent Cross Contamination


We provide an environmentally-friendly solution that will not retain harmful chemicals, nor absorb foreign liquids and thus will not carry contaminants to other storage facilities or jobsites. CBRM’s non-toxic composition, protects surfaces, and will control soil compaction, saving costly rehabilitation efforts afterwards



  • Superior weight-bearing capacity CBRM manufactured items have a weight-bearing capacity of up to 825 psi / 580 tons per m sqr
  • Non-conductive materials are inert, providing a non-conductive safe working platform.
  • Strong support structure ribbed interior distributes, (with optional rubber load-factor inserts), weight across the entire panel. These mats are not intended for bridging.
  • Better than wood unlike plywood, our products will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate, and contains no unsafe chemicals.
  • Maximum shipping efficiency, easily ship 40 mats in standard ISO containers and flatbed trucks.
  • Easy cleaning, can be cleaned using a high-powered pressure washer. Most commercial cleaning agents will not damage the surface, but consideration should be given to environmental concerns.


CBRM – Provides Solutions for:

  • Transmission & Distribution
  • General Construction
  • Pipeline Installation
  • Special Events
  • Heavy Haul / Cranes
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Military & Disaster Relief
  • Under-ground mining roadways
  • Trenching & Shoring
  • Stock piling mining solutions warehouse flooring
  • Landscaping
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Best Portable Roadway Mats for Sale and to Rent


Our selection of durable portable roadway mats for sale and hire are made to be simple to construct and easy to move, allowing you to get on with the project without delay.


This style of interlocking composite mats systems is equipped with a unique, reliable zip-lock interlocking system designed to create a suitable heavy-duty platform for both construction sites and temporary access roads. Composite matting is the ideal solution for when you need stable ground protection on all types of soil and surfaces and we’ve used our years of industry experience to manufacture a tough portable roadway composite mat that is compatible with surfaces while suitable for all types of working environments.


While other types of mats tend to get damaged easily and will require replacing in time (and naturally, this will eat into your budget), our roadway mats are completely reusable. Made to last (10 years plus, when treated well), our mats are light weight and available in flat packs which makes them easy and affordable to transport, even over the longest of distances.


A world first, is that our composite mats offer load bearing inserts, so strength can be added to the matting system depending various ground conditions.  Most of our composite mats are manufactured using HDPE or variants thereof with load factors ranging from 150 tons to 580 tons/m2

Some of our extreme composite matting solutions offer a build-in buoyancy, suitable for vehicles to drive on water and various other application.


These Pro Road portable roadway mats for sale and to rent can be immediately set to work, with ground preparation being completely unnecessary. For more information and exact pricing, contact us today.

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