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Pro Pitch and Turf Protection Flooring –The world’s first rapid deployable heavy duty pitch cover

Turf protection flooring can be rolled out for rapid installation, boasting load capabilities from 150 tons per meter sqr up to 580 tons per meter sqr, with the feature of adding in additional loadbearing inserts, makes this product the greatest invention of the century.

What is Turf Protection ?


Today’s Sports & stadium facilities are challenges with a unique problem, they are expected to maintain an extremely high-quality playing surface, with adhering to the most rigorous international standards. The stadium is also expected to draw in sell-out crowds for church gatherings, music concerts, political rallies, and more that can damage the quality of their turf.


CBRM offers a wide range of composite matting products for you to choose from. Take a look at environmentally-friendly Faun trackway solutions for sale or any of our other products online today.


There is an obvious distinction between a turf cover & turf protection mats. It is easy to cover a stadium without consideration for the condition of the turf of the turf post event.  A far greater challenge is to be able to cover the turf, allowing for a quick change-over from core events held on the field, to a political rally for example and back again, without damaging the quality of the turf.


At CBRM we offer a range of turf protection mats that are available for the protection of the turf. Contact us today to find out more about our stadium turf protection systems today. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the best options suitable for you.

Presidential inauguration 2019, Loftus Versveld, Pretoria, South Africa – Dry run rehearsals.

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turf pitch protection flooring

Why Composite Base Rig Mats?


Composite Base Rig Mats has been in the turf protection & access solutions business for over twenty five years.  By liaising with our clients and finding out what their requirements are. CBRM has been hugely successful in custom pitch protection flooring solutions, designing and manufacturing the most widely used access protection products globally – with this in mind we proud ourselves to be the worlds first supplier of rapid deployable pitch protection, no need for tedious block like mats and hours of installation. The flooring is supplied in roll-form and purely be rolls-out, once loaded in and entire stadium can be covered in less than 1 hour, which save on labour and venue hire costs.


The original Composite Base Rig Mats product was designed to provide access to mining exploration companies to protect sensitive eco systems but today, no matter what the situation or the industry or where the mats are required, Composite Base Rig Mats systems are globally acknowledged as the first choice in access solutions.

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Pro Pitch; heavy-duty pitch protection flooring to cover all turf, for sale or rental for any stadium or any other turf protection requirement.


Protecting your pitch is made easy when you have one of our turf protection mats solutions, which you can either buy or rent. For use in sports stadiums to protect soccer & rugby fields.


The Pro Pitch heavy-duty weighs 10kgs/m2 and can facility 150 tons/m2.

There are two types of Pro Pitch heavy-duty;

  • solid surface
  • perforated


This can facilitate 400-ton cranes, forklifts and cherry pickers.


At CBRM we offer a wide verity of durable composite mats for that can be used for any purpose. Take a look ar some of the options and advantages of our products today. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your needs.


A world first for heavy-duty turf protection is the feature that allows 36mm cabling, water lines to run under the heavy-duty flooring system.  We offer a H-expansion joint to connect the 2 x systems preventing a trip hazard.


While stadiums and sports fields are primarily used for sporting events such as rugby, cricket and soccer, stadiums also play host to festivals, markets and other similar events which end up bringing in heavy foot traffic as well as crane trucks.


These products can double as event flooring, which is why having a CBRM matting solution can provide various alternative options.


This style of temporary flooring solution is perfectly capable of creating a stable and durable surface which can support the pressure of large scale, busy events. Such solutions  are also ideal for covering access roads into the stadium or sports field to prevent damage caused by heavy vehicles and equipment, to inner stadium paving and smooth surface for boneyard operations, to mention but a few solutions.

Quick and easy pitch protection cover

Once we know your exact requirements light vs heavy-duty, we can assist with the best pitch protection covers, we can have an entire stadium covered and protected. The same efficiency can be expected when the time comes to pack up the pitch protection mat, once the event has run its course. If you are buying a mat, you can talk to our team about how to go about setting up and dismantling the mat.


Our pitch protection flooring solutions for sale or to rent have a long lifespan 10 years + and they will provide you with a great return on your investment. Contact us today for more information.

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