CBRM Pro Base – Trackway Foundations/working platforms/mining stock pile areas


Purposefully designed for Very Heavy Duty working platforms

Of particular interest for the Mining of Oil & Gas / Construction / Civil Engineering / Infrastructure / Transmission & Renewable Energy industries CBRM Pro base is the ONLY ANSWER.  Made from impressively strong plastic removes the theft risk versus aluminium products – cutting back on security costs.


CBRM Pro Base has several very important advantages over other plastic heavy-duty access matting systems.  The unique, patented design resulted in a rapid deployable solution with an option to add additional load bearing inserts, where there an increase in load required from time-to-time.


The system is interlocked by a zip-lock feature that can be joined by foot-pressure. The zip-lock feature with build-in channels assists in redirecting the liquids from the surface and not just allow for water or vehicle liquids to lay on the surface, creating more of a slip hazard with dangerous consequences.


The worlds first stock-pile foundation feature.  With CBRM Pro Base, any area can be converted into a stockpile area, this feature comes with a smooth surface to allow blade drag of excavators, in the case of Chromium stock piles, once the Chromium is stockpiled a certain percentage of moisture sinks to the surface creating drift sand and mud infested areas.


With the CBRM Pro Base this is completely illuminated.


Carry four times as many panels as the Competition at considerably reduced pricing!

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