Pro AF Portable Flooring Solutions – light duty pedestrian trackway access

A global first, light duty pedestrian trackway access system where cabling, gas and waterline of up to 1 inch / 2.5cm can run under the trackway system. Furthermore the system allows for recessed plug boxes to fit anywhere in the floor, after our modular portable flooring has been installed. This prevents trip hazards and unsightly cabling.

Grass Protection


Pro AF, Grass protection is a light duty pedestrian traffic turf protection solution, aimed at protecting turf and environmental sensitive areas against relatively small loads. It protects exposed sensitive turf, from wear & tear, abrasions and high pedestrian traffic load during outdoor festival, political rallies or outdoor stadium events.


The Pro AF (Access Flooring) is very durable and can take the weight of any static load not exceeding 100 tons per meter square, such as stage structure elements and stage equipment.  It is also used as a lightweight “road-way system” for wheeling in stage flight case equipment, for lighting and trussing equipment.


The Pro AF Grass protection allows for the free-flow flow of air and water to the turf. This irreplaceable method of protecting lawns; come is 2 features, solid surface tile as well as perforated options, theses 2 options can be applied for various climates around the globe, in warmer and colder areas.


A properly protected stadium pitch allows for foot traffic of thousands of spectators during cultural & sporting events.


Pro AF Grass Protection solution interlocking panels perform equally well in both dry and wet conditions, forming a uniform usable solid surface on a temporary basis over the pitch.


In order for the turf to grow under the Pro AF grass protection, while being covered allows the sun, to penetrate, the translucent colouring of the panel, any other colour other than white or opaque prevents the sun from penetrating the tile, also allows for air and water to circulate under the tile at the same time, for a period in excess of 10 days.


During the 2010 Soccer world-cup in South Africa, the closed surface option were used in Johannesburg, Gauteng as temperatures plummeted to minus 10 degrees centigrade at night time. It was interesting that the closed surface Pro AF grass protection performed much better than the perforated version. The solid version gave over 60 days pitch protection, no discoloration or burning were experienced vs the perforated version 10 to 14 days protection.

Stages and Portable Platforms

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