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CBRM Pro Aero Composite Airfield Matting – trackway access for the aviation industry – light and heavy duty

The Pro AERO Mat (as demonstrated to and acknowledged by the SACAA), is available in both HDPE & Aluminium

The Pro AERO composite airfield matting solution allows mining, construction & expeditionary forces to create (a) safe, take-off and landing airstrip, (b) temporary or permanent parking areas PLUS (c) taxiways leading to and from the runway and taxiway where there is no time, requirement, or ability to build an additional permanent infrastructure for this purpose.


CBRM has ensured in the design of this particular-product that, with regards to approval reference product design and specifications, the offices of the Regulator as well as that of Standards Approval have been approached and kept up to date on its development throughout this entire period. Although a Regulator may not approve a product that has been designed, they may audit it based on laid down parameters and procedures that are in conformance with the International Standards and Recommended Procedures.


The Runway, Taxiway and/or Apron. Composite Base Rig Mats have been developed in accordance with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO Annex 14). These details include the (a) Pavement Classification Number, (b) Maximum Pounds per Square Inch, (c) Total weight Load reinforced into the ground and (d) Total weight load rolled into the Top.

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grey composite airfield matting
airfield composite airfield matting
Pro Aero composite airfield matting

The PCN has been determined by applying processes as listed according to the California bearing ratio (CBR) which is a penetration test for the evaluation of the mechanical strength of natural ground, subgrades and base courses beneath new carriageway`s construction.


The CBR can also be used for measuring the load-bearing capacity of unimproved airstrips or for soils under paved airstrips. The harder the surface, the higher the CBR rating. CBRM has also reviewed guidelines and other documentation available on maintaining an adequate runway surface to ensure adequate texture depth, rapid drainage of rainfall runoff water and adequate friction characteristics and levels can be achieved. The Pro AERO mat is an ideal alternative to poor performance of gravel, grass and dirt runways, it suppresses the dirt, dust and foreign objects, ensuring ground crew safety as well as pilot and asset protection. Which comes in a light and heavy-duty version to cater for a multitude of aircraft from 6-seater Cessna`s to C160 cargo aircraft.


When it comes to the Quality and Safety Management principles of the CBRM Pro Aero Mat, an `attention to detail` approach has been applied to both the pre and post instillation and drainage processes of this product. These details include:

  • Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Hazard Reporting
  • Safety Culture
  • Instillation checklist


The checklist referred to in this instance includes the following applications and processes:

  1. Safety assessment of runway position / direction / airfield environment.
  2. Identify ICAO Annex 14 requirements in accordance with the client’s runway specifics.
  3. Assist with the implementation of Notice to all Airman (NOTAM) details.
  4. Assist with the implementation of LCN details into the Aeronautical Information Publication for that State concerned.
  5. Civil contractor to remove all debris, roots, rocks from the surface where the mats will be installed.
  6. A geo membrane/geo textile gets placed on the area where the aero mats needs to be installed, then the Pro Aero mat gets anchored on top of the membrane, to prevent browning out (dust suppression).
  7. The Aero mats are clipped together with a patented zip-lock feature and appropriate anchors, joiners and rubber inserts, are applied.
  8. Complete ICAO checklist to ensure Client runway instillation meets the requirements of ICAO Annex 14.
  9. Pre-inspection of the installed runway prior to handover to Client.

The Drone and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Landing Mat

Is currently available with various load capabilities. When considering the various characteristics of a Fixed wing Drone (or unmanned Aerial Taxi Drone) for landing purposes, factors such as the take-off and landing length and width requirements (geometry), aircraft load (bearing capacity) and landing strip roughness (riding quality) are important to determine to ensure that these UAV`s will not be damaged during any related take off and/or landing procedure.


The Pro Aero Drone and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Landing Mat takes all of these factors into account thereby ensuring that your Drone operates safely, efficiently and unobstructed when utilising them for your flight operations.

Pro Aero Mats – aircraft landing mats – Drone application

Top Composite Expeditionary Matting Solutions and Helicopter Landing Pads

This easy to transport Pro AERO mat is easy to assemble, lightweight product, provides a solid foundation for mining and construction. Our composite expeditionary matting solution forces to mark out safe landing areas in order for helicopters to undertake essential maintenance, or drop off supplies and more.


Purposefully designed to suppress dust and foreign objects for pilot and crew safety, as well as asset protection.


The Pro Aero mat, has been designed in such a way that the panels can pre-ordered in any lengths that can fit into a standard 40ft container, a 12m length being the longest.


This version is available in HDPE or Aluminium that allows for better heat conduction.


Our top composite airfield matting products are made from high grade HDPE non-slip / skid finish for durability, grooves in the surface to allow for better traction in wet conditions, preventing the aircraft to aqua plane in wet conditions, with additional perforations in the surface to allow for a cooler runway surface, corrosion protection, glare-reduction.  Our CAA 2-year safety case study available on request.

durable composite expeditionary matting
composite expeditionary matting solutions
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