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Some of the first question that comes to mind when it comes to buying light-duty modular flooring for sale is, what size floor do I need? Will it be used as inside event flooring or will it be used as outside event flooring solutions? Will it be used as a dance floor, should it be a fixed dance floor or should it be a portable dance floor or event flooring. What outdoor dance floor ideas exists? do I need a small dance floor or do I need a big dance floor, how do I calculate the size of dance floor required? Can an event dance floors go on uneven ground? these are just some of the question’s clients are asking us on a regular basis

The CBRM dancefloor is all-in-one solution.  Our indoor and outdoor flooring for events for sale save you money by not having to buy two different types of floors.


dance modular flooring for sale


We feature our dance floors with beveled edging, made from mild steel and coated in any color your heart desires.  At CBRM we can do different solid color dance floors (you can provide us with your pantone require), however our modular dance floors for sale does not offer wood grain finishes as we have found that this wears quickly and delaminates.

CBRM portable flooring dance floors come with a ten years warrantee when maintained accordance with the manufacturer’s warrantee.  Our Pro AF pedestrian flooring dancefloor has passed the slip tests from a third-party testing authority in Europe and is so strong that it can also be used as exhibition flooring. The system features recessed plug boxes with multi nation fittings that fits recessed inside the flooring system, preventing trip hazards.


No need for unsightly ductape to stick over the floor to hide cables. The dance floors panels all features a high gloss finish and we can provide you will the suitable product to maintain your flooring globally.


Some other questions come to mind, such as how to determine the size of dance floor required. What should the dance floor dimensions be? This is a very difficult question to answer not knowing the number of people at the wedding.  Some clients want to dance loose and other client want to do ballroom dance.


Alternative options exists that you can put down party tent flooring , that provides and event deck solution, a solid surface on a temporary basis of portable floors with a recessed dance floor in a difference color, thus the entire surface of the so called flooring is the same height not having to step up or down from the dance floor. Should the party get festive the tables and chairs can be moved out of the way allowing for a much larger entertainment dance floor area.


Portable flooring is popular not only because it looks good and is easy to clean but more so because of the design components. At CBRM, we provide our customers with a unique interlocking, modular system that has a strong but flexible solution for a wide range of applications for various uses such as timeless white tent flooring to buy or to durable Interlocking tent flooring for sale. Browse through our selection of flooring solutions on our website today.



Quality portable flooring needs to be:


  • easy to assemble
  • durable/ chip-resistant (depending how the client treats their stock)
  • flame resistant
  • stain resistant
  • slip- or trip-resistant
  • wheel-chair friendly, if required
  • fitted with power cable connections
  • have the optional expansion joints that could not pose a trip hazard
  • ducting for ¾ inch waterlines, i.e. poly cop pipe to run under the system
  • perimeter anchors to prevent flooring from blowing away in high wind areas


Buy portable dance floors, exhibitions floors and corporate event marquees that can be custom-designed with promotional branding applications where a company’s logo, slogan or brands are imprinted on the flooring material.



Portable flooring applications


The unique design of portable flooring makes it suitable for various applications, such as:


  • dance & marquee floors
  • outdoor walk-over pool covers
  • multi-color tent and expo flooring to by


Why you should buy heavy duty marquee tent flooring from CBRM


tent modular flooring for sale

Our portable flooring for marquees and tents is lightweight and the modular design allows individual panels to interconnect to form larger flooring surfaces. The design of the portable flooring connection system also allows for quick and easy assembly and disassembly without the need for specialized tools.Our exceptionally cheap tent flooring for sale include multi-directional cable conduits underneath each module, finished off with sunken plug boxes and sockets for connecting power cables.


These portable marquee tent flooring solutions are intentionally designed as portable outdoor flooring solution to be used on grass surfaces or as a sub-surface.We further offer an expansion joint between light and heavy-duty flooring not to create any trip hazards.  Our flooring feature offers the versatility to unclip any light duty tent flooring and replacing it with heavy duty, the only system in the world this offers this feature. By using our expansion joints system, the heavy flooring can remain, or the light duty can be replaced, saving you minimal interruption at your event.


Our heavy-duty flooring panels are light and can me manually installed by hand, a 2 x 1m panel only weights 20kgs.



Dance flooring


Our portable dance floor for sale offer an alternative non-slip smooth surface suitable for professional dancers and private events with dancing. It is lightweight in design, and the modules interconnect and disconnect easily without any tools required, making it simple to install and then remove. Our portable dance floor for sale are designed for indoor & out door use.



Over-pool flooring

CBRM offers great flooring and decking for sale.  Create spaces that you wouldn’t normally use for obvious reason, which gives you the possibility of having a portable dance floor, a stage, extra space for seating or a portable wedding floor over space that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to use.

Our over pool flooring to buy are created by covering the surface of your swimming pool with a strong wooden and steel decks, the floor is supported by steel poles that are positioned on the bottom of the pool, with rubber mats under the poles to avoid the pool surface from being damaged. Portable interlocking matting is used to cover the wooden surface to make it non-slip and durable for dancing.



Demarcated stands for shopping malls and portable exhibition flooring for sale

exhibition modular flooring for sale


Portable flooring is widely used in shopping malls and exhibition halls to demarcate exhibition stands. It’s ensures the exhibitor stands out in a crowded exhibition hall and helps with the flow of foot traffic, where a company’s space is clearly defined. We offer top of the range exhibition flooring for sale. Contact us today to find out more about this product and more.

Event Flooring carts / trolleys


At CBRM we offer top of the range event flooring for sale, carts and trolleys. All our products are proudly South African and produced in Johannesburg South Africa.trolleys for all our products, this is for ease of operation, the wheels can be adjusted dependent on your requirements.  Standard wheel for hotels and event companies are also available with swop-out wheel for the trolleys to move over snow and sensitive terrain.  CBRM has you coved with any access solutions you may have.

For more details on our light-duty modular flooring for sale, contact us with any questions you may have, it will be a pleasure to be of assistance.

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