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Why our heavy-duty composite rig matting products is the best solution globally

CBRM are leading suppliers of heavy-duty composite rig matting products for ground protection, trackway access mats, rig mats, construction mats, steel landing mats, portable runway mats, aircraft landing mats, aluminum and composite runway landing mats and related products. We provide a solid surface on a temporary or long term basis for sale, whether it’s for the military, mining, construction, exploration, agricultural, world-wide. CBRM offer solutions backed by leading-edge technology to gain access to isolated worksites, especially when using heavy-duty equipment.


Composite base rig mats, have a selection of 5 different choices of mats to choose from, these include;


  • CBRM Pro Base – composite mat, stockpiling options for mines construction mats, etc
  • CBRM Pro Road – composite mat, mud mats for heavy equipment
  • CBRM Pro Aero – composite mats, steel landing mats, aircraft landing mats, heli-pads, mobile solutions
  • CBRM Pro Pitch – composite matting for sensitive areas, pitch, grass & lawn protection
  • CBRM Pro AF – light duty pedestrian trackway systems, suitable for walkways, construction offices interior preventing trip hazards. This features recessed cabling ducts, plug boxes and more.


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A composite base rig mat provides a portable platform that is safe, durable and environmentally-friendly to support heavy-duty equipment that is used in poor-terrain environments.

We can rehabilitate the grounds underneath the matting system not leaving a footprint behind of concrete at an additional revenue cost to remove this decreases the bottom line for the project. Most of the surfaces underneath our system can be rehabilitated in less than 5 working days.


In addition, the composite base rig mats do not have a need for a flat surface, all our products can be implemented without this.


We generally make use of civil contractors to level the ground, put in drainage where required and remove debris and roots, which could cause future collapses. CBRM supplies a plug and play system on all of our products.  This includes a geo membrane, CBRM matting of your choice, perimeter anchoring and drive-on ramps. Furthermore, we feature an expansion joint where all out systems can be joined with-out the chance of trip hazards.


Covering a large area with all our different matting systems is achievable with our expansion joint system. This will aid in shrinkages and expansions for the global market.


Our services are like no other interlocking composite mats system globally, it can be supplied in a block form as most suppliers do or a roll-out feature for rapid deployment.  All the CBRM products feature rubbers load-insert options to increase the strength of the product, load testing is available on request.



With our Pro pitch and Pro Aero mat we offer a smaller version of the PSP Pierced steel plank, from the second world war, the only difference is that this has been enhanced.  By offering the client a solid surface or a pierced surface allows for a cooler working surface and in addition cooler runway system, allowing hot air to escape. Alternatively, when mats are installed over beach surfaces in high rain-fall areas, it can just drain through the composite matting system, straight into the ground not creating large puddles of water.


The CBRM system can also be installed manually, and there is no use for large machinery to install the composite base rig mats.  Similar products such as yak mats, mega mats, dura deck, signature systems including wooden rig mats require machinery to install the matting.


Composite matting is ideal for:


  • Very heavy-duty working platforms
  • construction sites
  • drilling sites
  • construction camping sites
  • helipads
  • easy to set up emergency runway for aircrafts
  • portable roadway mats
  • mining and heavy-duty equipment access roads
  • temporary parking
  • oil and gas rig mat systems
  • structural roadways over unstable ground or pipelines
  • aircraft landing mats / PSP mat for sale, etc
  • ground protection mats
  • ground mats for construction
  • military surplus matting


CBRM Access composite mat systems.


Multiple materials are used to construct our trackway matting systems, which makes CBRM access composite mat systems the world’s strongest modular matting system available. Our composite matting solutions are treated with anti-static and UV protection to prevent the occurrence of static electricity and deterioration or fading of the mats, allowing for long term use.


Our durable trackway foundation systems are ideal for large working areas that require spacious passing lanes, bends, corners and various other roadway construction designs. Our modular composite base rig mats consist of numerous connecting mechanisms that feature are  uncomplicated systems not using small parts with specialized tools to create top of the range and advanced composite mats, our system features a zip-lock interlocking system, that is interlocked by foot pressure only and an I-bar or T-bar operated by hand to uninstall the product.

CBRM offer the best composite rig matting solutions are environment-friendly


Composite base rig matting solutions are environment-friendly, our environmental mats are nonporous surface of the mats which eliminates the absorption of contaminates; making them the ideal solution for environmentally-sensitive terrain. This also eliminates the likelihood of having to rehabilitate the areas where heavy-duty composite access & rig mats have been used.


CBRM has used these mats as boat ramps, in the past. We have created a word  called “omni mats” which relates to that the mats can be cut and placed around objects, for example if there is a large tree in the center of the area we can build the composite foundation around the object which a  translation from Afrikaans “ om die” which we shortened to call is omni, which means around an object or objects, with our unique expansion join system this works exceptional well.



For heavy equipment mats, construction mats or track mats, the composite base rig matting allows for zero preparation of the terrain prior to installation and therefore can be installed and dismantled quickly and efficiently. Our products can effortlessly be installed on every terrain possible, such as:

  • beach sand
  • gravel
  • grass
  • mud
  • wetlands
  • soft shifting soil


Ensure work safety with our heavy-duty composite mats.


Composite matting allows for the safety needed for workers to carry out their jobs effectively. Construction work can involve high-risk projects both on and off the ground, although construction work is generally land based. We provide solutions for:


  • temporary road mats for transportation vehicles, traxion mats for heavy equipment
  • staging areas
  • temporary base for cranes and scaffolding
  • underground mining roadway systems
  • Marston mats
  • oil field mats
  • polyethylene matting
  • pipeline mats
  • EAFS Expeditionary airfields
  • Landing mats for the military
  • Landing mats for unmanned aerial vehicles UAV’s



A unique aspect worth mentioning about the composite mat systems is its ability to evenly distribute the weight of heavy-duty equipment and unusually heavy loads, making them ideal for unstable soils and soft or shifting sand over wide surface areas, at the same time protecting the ground surfaces from damage.


This ensures the safe passage of vehicles, the workers driving the vehicles and the loads that are being transported. Composite matting provides a stable platform for vehicles to stop, turn and move easily because of the nonskid tread design with interlocking pin mats.


Need more information on composite base rig mat solutions?


Allow our personnel at CBRM to assist you with the best heavy-duty composite rig matting solutions for construction and industrial projects so that you can carry out your work safely, effectively and professionally. Contact us today or find out more or take a look at our technical composite matting product specification sheet to find out more about our products on offer.

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