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Droneport Solutions

Our latest package offer includes the facilitation of Droneports and Drone Testing sites globally.


In a very competitive climate where technology is constantly changing, it appears as if the Aviation industry has received a brand new make-up with the introduction of Drones into the market. It is a fact that there appears to be an unlimited array of uses for them and the production shelf continues to deliver drone related products that are tested and geared towards a constant improvement in service delivery. It is a fact that Drones are changing the shape of how things can be done, from aerial survey work and surveillance to the transportation of urgent medical supplies, the Drone, also known as a Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), is set to revolutionise the world of Aviation. In response to these exciting developments, CBRM has expanded their product range of Aviation goods to meet the runway and hard stand requirements of Droneport and Drone testing site facilities.


In a nutshell the complete Droneport Solutions package includes:


  • Rapid droneport deployment / set-up / dismantle / preparation and rehabilitation of environment
  • ATC monitoring, collision avoidance, drone testing sites
  • 24 hrs onsite service and support
  • Maintenance agreements



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Droneport Solutions specialises in the delivery of turnkey droneports globally.


What does this mean? You tell us where you need to be, how long you want to be there, how many people you want to cater for and your requirements for droneport operations and we take care of the rest.  You will not have to figure out how to dispose of sewerage, distribute power, water filtration, catering for your droneport, sleeping arrangements, satellite communication, temporary foundations, temporary roads, low environmental impact working platforms, storage, laundry and more. Droneport Solutions controls the entire process.


  •  What is the reason for these Drone related products?


They will ensure that the global market is able to meet the needs of the consumer more effectively and within a quicker response time in this vibrant and ever changing environment.


  • Can a Droneport be used as a Testing Site?


Although this is possible it is not ideal as Droneports are used primarily for the receiving and dispatch of goods via commercial drones whereas a Drone Testing Site is utilised to test the capabilities of the drone operationally in various scenarios such as weather and emergencies.


  • Can the term `Droneport` be defined?


Although there is as yet no formal definition to be found, A `Droneport` is a structure that supports cargo drone routes capable of delivering urgent and precious supplies to both remote and suburban areas on a massive scale.


  • What type of urgent supplies are we talking about here?


The main commodities that fall into this bracket promote life support and can therefore be categorised into the air transportation of medicine and blood. (It is not known as yet whether this could include organs for transplant as this is still being studied and tested on a trial basis.


  • Will Droneport Solutions be able to track my Drone wherever it is, such as in transit to a Droneport or at a Drone test site?


The answer is a most certainly `Yes`, Droneport Solutions will have Air Traffic Control facilitation at both of these facilities as well as at a central operations room which will serve as the Hub between all of these units. The drones will not require a transponder as this is very costly so we will instead be utilising a tracking product that is utilised globally specifically for this purpose. On site our monitoring surveillance of drone activities will be managed by Visual Line of Sight (V-LOS).


  • What is all included in these packages besides the Drone monitoring?


The Droneport and Drone Testing Sites include all the components that could be compared to a `Mini Airport` for example. This includes, but is not limited to, Runways, taxiways, hardstand, control tower, ground based equipment, recreation facilities, restricted airspace, etc.


  • How do I find out more about these drone related products?


For further information on these exciting products and to see how CBRM is meeting the demands of the drone services globally in support of Droneport Solutions , please complete the form below and let us package a ready to be shipped product tailored to meet your aviation industry needs.

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