CBRM hold a prestigious reputation worldwide, with more than 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of custom premium products and tailored solutions.


The growth of the brand today has led to the formation of our 5 sectors; CBRM Pro Road – Trackway Access, CBRM Pro Base – Trackway Foundations/working platforms,  CBRM Pro Pitch – trackway access to environmental access and stadium pitch protection, CBRM Pro Aero Mat – trackway access for the aviation industry, CBRM Pro AF – light duty pedestrian trackway access for stadiums-pitch-protection, focused on superior access, custom-made solutions for the global market.


CBRM is proud to be a division of the F3 Group – Portable Infrastructure Solutions www.f3group.co.za  All patents are held by Martin van Wyk born and bred South African, and all products and components are proudly produced in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Our primary market is Africa, how-ever are clients are global.

Composite Base Rig Mats™ provides solutions!

Other oilfield mats and temporary roadway systems only present problems.

Pro Base trackway foundation systems

Rig Mats, Access Mats and Temporary Roads

Manufactured, Engineered, & Distributed in South Africa by Portable Floors, pioneers in the interlocking flooring industry.
Composite Base Rig Mats™ offer a simple yet sophisticated access matting solution. Simplifying worksite setup and disassembly from shipping through installation, maintenance, use, and removal. The number one trusted choice of the biggest names in the shoring, energy, construction and drilling industries.

heavy duty trackway foundation systems

Developed By Experts in the Field

In development we consulted industry leaders with years of first-hand experience in the vast range of problems frequently faced at their worksites in the natural gas, oil, shoring, construction industries. In its conception we considered the need for shipping conscious dimensions, simple assembly without the need for additional tools or small parts that can easily go missing and the need for a low profile traction pattern which would allow tracked vehicles to move over even the trickiest terrain.


Composite Base Mats™ can be used as access mats, working platforms, rig mats, and temporary roadways. We provide the gas and oil industry with stable, strong surfaces over any type of terrain and in any type of weather. Our Access Mats protect equipment and vehicles from unstable or soft ground conditions providing a safe working location for staff while also protecting the environment from cross-contamination and even chemical spills.

Get Your Heavy Equipment Out of the Mud and Water

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