Portable, re-usable, recyclable, mega deck, durable base and trackway access solutions.

No matter what the ground conditions are, Composite Base Rig Mats™ make the perfect temporary protective surface for turnarounds, heavy-duty roads, and staging or work areas.

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The global leader in access solutions, first world services out of South Africa with patented technology.

CBRM commercially off the shelf rapid access solutions are specifically designed for our global customers.


Temporary modular composite trackway mat system which provides a high traction surface to gain access to, or recover equipment from, hostile environments including clay, drift-sand, forests, snow, marsh, mud and sand. With rapid deployment and quick connections, the applications are endless.


Rapidly deployed, CBRM track way, composite matting can be joined together to form various lengths, multiple work areas, or complete work sites.Designed with durability in mind, the Pro Road roadway systems support constant traffic, extreme climates and repeat reusable deployment.

Benefits of using Composite Mats



Composite Base Rig Mats’ – composite mats; have superior protection & environmental characteristics. The composite mats help protect sensitive ecological areas, they do not rot, absorb contaminates or inert foreign substances



Composite Base Rig Mats’ – Composite mats provide safety for heavy equipment and stability even-in uneven and unstable terrain under extreme weather conditions.



Composite Base Rig Mats’ – Composite mats are much lighter in weight than wooden matting systems, composite mats are much lighter and easier to move around during implementation and disassembly. This reduces freight costs substantially to and from various job sites.

The world’s strongest rig mats

825 PSI, 580 Tons/m²

Power companies around the world use similar systems to work on their utility lines in sensitive wetland areas.
Composite Base Rig Mats™ have been used to transport massive 450-ton cranes and transmission poles weighing in excess of 150 Tons across standing difficult terrain and standing water.
Leading universities, and stadiums have used our Base Rig Mats to protect their fields while installing stages for ceremonies, concerts, and other large events. They have even been used for major events such as the Soccer World Cups and more.

Do you need a solid working surface?

Are the ground conditions tough?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions – then our prefabricated Composite Base Rig Mats™ are the perfect solution for your site.
The mats are easy to assemble using an interlocking system. Creating a solid, incredibly durable temporary foundation or road for your equipment and staff. Allowing you to continue work no matter what the ground conditions are like!

Suitable for use is:

  • Sand
  • Mud
  • Wetlands & Marshes
  • Tidal conditions with water currents
  • Coastal areas
  • Environmentally sensitive areas

Composite Base Rig Mats are designed for load bearing vehicles and improved traction. Composite mats facilitate heavy construction vehicles all weights & types.

Get Your Heavy Equipment Out of the Mud and Water